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Top effort Corinne and good luck from the team at Helping Hands!

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Corinne Stephenson, Great Lakes Community Resources, is a finalist in Young Business Executive. Here Corinne shares with us her responses re our Business Awards. We wish Corinne all the best on Friday night – and when she is in the Surf Boat!:

What is the value to you of going through the entry process?

For me it was a great opportunity to reflect on my career development to date and identify the milestones (which were not all business related) that shaped the path I have taken.

What tips do you have for other entrants?

To be true to yourself and answer honestly from your experience rather than what you think the judging panel will want to hear. I found a lot of value in this approach and regardless of the outcome, I have gained better personal insight from the process.

What is one thing about you (or your business) that most people don’t know…that you’re willing to share?

Well as for me personally, I am a keen Surf Boat rower and would love to win an Aussie title in the next five years. I love the camaraderie and thrill involved in getting a boat out through the surf and the challenges that have to be overcome, depending on the conditions of the day. As for Great Lakes Community Resources (as a business) I am really proud of our focus on the generation of employment for people who wouldn’t otherwise get a job. We employ 75% of our employees from our target groups which include Aboriginal people experiencing disadvantage, offenders and ex-offenders, long term unemployed and early school leavers. The rich lessons that are learned on a daily basis from managing a diverse workforce are invaluable in my career development.